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Rachelle and Hunter!

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Thank you for everything and for dealing with all the craziness with a smile on your face.  You made everything so handle-able for me :)  I received so many compliments on your wonderful food!  I will definitely look you up for my fundraisers :)
Did you happen to see my tv tray and the white cloth that was on it?  That is the only thing that I did not return home with.  I know it’s late, started back at work this week, had a chemo appt. had a second chemo appt. and an 18th birthday party – the redhead) all this week!!  Whew!  If it’s too late and the table and cloth are gone, that is ok.
Also, you made the place lovely, and I pointed out your peacock to Rachelle.  Thanks for sharing something that belongs to you, personally.  I thought it was a special touch.
Thanks for everything :)
Laura Wells
The very, very happy mother of the bride :)